Melbourne metal act MaxxaM drop brand new track “Murderer”


Melbourne metal act MaxxaM have dropped a brand new track titled “Murderer“. “A fast paced and aggressive track, Murderer calls out the behaviours associated with Domestic Violence and was inspired by a particularly tragic case in Queensland, Australia, where a mother and her three children were burnt alive by their monstrous husband/father.

Murderer was written as Domestic Violence is a subject all band members feel strongly about and conveys the anger felt towards perpetrators by naming the behaviours and sends a message of understanding and empowerment for those effected.

“Murderer gains its strength not only from Kell’s powerful vocal performance but also from the men in the band standing behind its message,” says the band

MaxxaM were formed in 2019, Melbourne, Australia, when Kell’s husband Harry and lifelong friends Saundies, Woody and Jase convinced her to lead a band. The lads have played in various bands but never all together so Kell was the perfect choice to “keep it inhouse”.

MaxxaM’s music has been described as “straight-up, old school metal with a feminine twist”; a description the band think suits the aggressive style of music that is complimented by Kell’s classically trained powerful vocal.