Perth deathcore aficionados Sedative release brutal new single ‘Midnight Valentine’


Perth deathcore aficionados Sedative just dropped their brutal new single ‘Midnight Valentine‘. This hot new offering is a testimony to the band’s dedication, musical prowess and all round brutality.

Vocalist Matthew Daly delivers blackened melodies from the deepest depths of inhumane gutturals as he continues to explore confronting themes through his lyricism. Featuring the groups signature metalcore riffage, superbly tight rhythm section propelling the song in a mid-tempo menacing pace and a doom oriented breakdown, ‘Midnight Valentine’ is a crushingly heavy masterpiece to add to the groups impressive repertoire.

Daly on the new release: “Here we have Sedative’s crushing follow up to their Debut Record ‘Death Romantic’. Blisteringly heavy and unapologetically aggressive, this new single from the Perth deathcore specialists pulls absolutely no punches. With an instrumental bed that sounds near on apocalyptic and a vocal performance that blends Sedative’s unique harrowing pain with a new channel of anguish and torment, ‘Midnight Valentine’ shows once again why Sedative are the heaviest band in Australia right now.”

Sedative burst into the scene with a series of singles ‘Cough Medicine’, ‘No Hard Feelings’ and ‘Vile’ which quickly developed a dedicated fan base in their hometown of Perth, Western Australia. Coming hot off the release of their debut record ‘Death Romantic’, Sedative have toured nationally and performed alongside heavyweights such as Within Destruction (EU), Signs of the Swarm (USA), Fit For An Autopsy (USA) Xibalba (USA), Honest Crooks (AU), ATLVS (AU) & more.