Melodic death metallers Empyreal Sorrow release EP Harm(ony) Within & Remix Night Re-Armoured

Empyreal Sorrow

Fight those that oppose change and individuality – that’s the spirit with which EMPYREAL SORROW decided to mash up one of the most powerful songs from their debut album “PRÆY“. And with the producer and electronic artist LXEKR they found the perfect partner to give a new face to “A Night Without Armor“.

The Industrial-based remix “Night Re-Armoured” remains the original song’s epic spirit and raw energy, yet discovering another refreshing facet of what lies within EMPYREAL SORROW’s Melodic Death Metal. This unconventional song is the worthy conclusion to the new 4-track-EP “Harm(ony) Within” out on 24th of December

Empyreal Sorrow is Melodic Death Metal with well-known trademarks heeling to a new emotional side. The band takes the Death-Metal-wheel, demolishes it completely and puts it back together again in their very own way, creating an individual sound with a lot of interesting facets. Their musical construct is born out of aggression paired with ear-catching melody and a sometimes Black Metal-like atmosphere; the music is punchy, dynamic and drills directly into your head. Raw energy flows through every single song: boosting the urge to bang your head until total escalation. Definitely a band you should consider listening to.

Get the EP & merch at their band’s Bandcamp page or at the band’s webstore. Harm(ony) Within –



Empyreal Sorrow - Harm(ony) Within