Mental Torment – Ego:Genesis (Album Review)

From the very start, the doom vibes just leaped out at me! The Natural landscape building into a killer sludge riff was a monumental way to kick this vocal off! This album Has A HUGE SOUND, something I haven’t heard the likes of since first hearing Fall of Efrafa! An awesome mixture of enormous lumbering riffs over some very well composed moody melodic guitar that just tastefully snaps into a break before you go any deeper into your doom trance.

The vocals on this Album are perfect! They just hold up this monolithic-sounding music with a raw power commanding your attention whenever it enters the song!

Drums and bass are the warhorses of this Doom Barbarian staunchly carrying the epic sound into brutal battle for another triumphant slaughter!

I feel this Album has a lot to give to newcomers of the doom/crust/sludge genre offering the mammoth riffs over some very well-arranged compositions. I’d put it in a place between Gojira and previously mentioned Fall of Efrafa

If you like:  if you love groups like Paradise Lost or some of the doomy post/metal/hardcore stuff like Fall of Efrafa then you’re gonna find something you like in this group. Its songwriting also lends some sophistication from groups like Opeth but delivers it in a slower sludgier package. Massive riffs over a soundscape of melodic epic-ness with a vocal sound that just resonates from the bowels of the earth.

Haters be like: This will not be for your speed genre junkies. I still recommend giving it a go though because I’m confident you’ll get your sludge fix without being stuck in the mud.

It Gets 5 – Flaming, Horny, Mutant, Metal GoatMen

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Metallurg Music
Category: Album
Country: Ukraine

Reviewed by Patt Sabbath Reviews