Mephisto – Pentafixion (Album Review)


‘Pentafixion’ is the latest release by Cuban black metal outfit – Mephisto.

Featuring a very tight and well-produced sound, this latest offering takes a lot of the various elements and styles within the genre and mixes them up quite well, keeping it interesting. The album kicks off with a theatrical, classical music-inspired piece that wouldn’t be out of place over the opening credits of an old school 80’s-era fantasy epic. After that, it kicks straight into gear and let’s rip. Blast beats, filthy old school atmospheric blackened riffage, dirty bass front and centre, all topped off with

well-executed key melodies and various symphonic additions. The vocals have a great range – harsh and throaty with a little of the traditional ‘death metal’ elements here and there to give this album a nice range. Every instrument is given the space to breathe on the album, the symphonic element is mixed in quite well, never too overbearing and doesn’t make a mess of the fast and more brutal elements throughout the album. The bass has an excellent dirty fat twang that adds to the punch of the album. The drums are great, both simplistic and very technically skilful from start to finish, they add an almost progressive layer to the songs. The guitar is hands down, classic black riffage – melodic, fast and very well performed. Like a slab of beef charred to hellish perfection. This album has great production values and the songs don’t get boring, these guys display a great scope of range within the songs and keep it flowing well. I would definitely recommend this album to fans of bands like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. This album is also, for me at least, reminiscent of Blasphemer-era Mayhem releases.

Overall a great release from this outfit, I would definitely like to hear more!

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Wormholedeath Records
Category: Album
Country: Cuba

Reviewed by Chris Szafranski

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