MESSER Releases New Single “One More Time”  Official Music Video In Dolby Atmos

MESSERMesser, the dynamic rock band known for their evocative melodies and powerful anthems, has launched their latest single titled “One More Time.” Available now on all major music platforms, this heartfelt track is set to be featured on the upcoming MESSER Deluxe Edition Album, slated for release on March 15, 2024, in Dolby Atmos.

In conjunction with the single’s debut, Messer has released the music video, also in Dolby Atmos, offering fans a visually compelling accompaniment that enhances the song’s emotional resonance. The music video was filmed, edited and directed by Maddox Messer.

Messer’s ability to encapsulate raw emotion within their music has resonated with audiences, making their releases highly anticipated events. The band’s commitment to authenticity and relatable storytelling continues to solidify their place within the rock music landscape.

Watch their official video here:

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