Midnite City – Itch You Can’t Scratch (Album Review)

Release Date: May 26th 2021 - Roulette Media

Midnite City is a hard rock band from the UK formed in 2017, releasing their self-titled debut album later the same year. The band’s sophomore album ‘There Goes The Neighbourhood’ emerged in 2018, with the third album ‘Itch You Can’t Scratch’, a 2021 release.

Glam Metal, Hair Metal, Sleaze Metal, or just good old Heavy Metal/Hard Rock – Midnite City are all of these – and more! The five-piece band from the UK hit the airways in 2017, making a bigger impact than the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs! Two headlining UK tours shows all over Europe, and in Australia and Japan, Midnite City is the emerging glam/hair/sleaze metal rock band to take the fight to the Americans – the country that produced this style of metal/rock, via the great bands of the eighties…such as Motley Crue, Poison, Faster Pussycat, and Ratt.

Midnite City‘s latest attack ‘Itch You Can’t Scratch’, features ten hard-hitting party anthems, guaranteed to plant smiles a mile wide on the faces of fans the world over. The new album opens with the energetic swagger of ‘Crawlin’ In The Dirt’ – a high-paced, thundering slab of metal/rock. An immediate head-turner, ‘Crawlin’ In The Dirt’ will make listeners sit up and take notice – wondering how in the hell they’ve never heard this band before! The oomph and energy levels are sky-high and remain there for the whole album – ‘Atomic’ an atomic blast of classic sounding sleaze/hair metal/rock to get lost in. The sound may be of American origin, but right here right now this is a British band, doing what the Americans did best… Midnite City has shunned the traditional blunt nature of British hard rock, opting for the anthemic party style of their American counterparts. And what a fucking fantastic job they’re doing! ‘Fire Inside’ is a melodic rock song that borders on power balladry. But, with the unique input of an emerging great, Midnite City maintains a hard-rocking vibe that keeps lighters firmly in the fan’s pockets.

I was a teenager during the eighties when the likes of Motley Crue and Poison burst onto the scene with their energetic party hard style of rock, and the feeling I had back then, I’ve got again – Midnite City unashamedly tickling the senses! ‘Darkest Before The Dawn’ hardens things up a little with its harder nature and impressively melodious intent. And at just four songs in, the smile has not disappeared from my face for one moment – the irresistible nature of the band’s sound pleasuring all the sweet spots. And if you think ‘I Don’t Need Another Heartache’ is gonna be a ballad to raise your lighters high to – think again! For ‘I Don’t Need Another Heartache’ is a bombastic and punchy hard rock romp. Heads, feet, and fists will be nodding, stomping, and punching the air in delight – ‘I Don’t Need Another Heartache’ an absolute gem among gems. ‘Blame It On Your Lovin’ brings a touch of Southern rock swagger to the album, pounding the boards hard as it strides on. Also, ‘Blame It On Your Lovin’ shows more menace than heard on the album so far, the band showing a different side to their sound.

Two-thirds o’ the way through and the energy remains as high as it’s ever been – ‘They Only Come Out At Night’ providing the album’s mightiest melodic roar. The mid-tempo stomp blended with the album’s recent menacing turn, sees ‘They Only Come Out At Night’ strike fear into the hearts of listeners, making some dive for cover. Midnite City really turning on the style. Eat your heart out Motley Crue, Poison, and all you other American glam/hair/sleaze metal and rock bands – your time has been, it’s now time for a new breed to rule the world. And that breed begins with Midnite City. The hardest partying song on offer ‘Chance Of A Lifetime’, rocks hard, hits hard and will have everyone up on their feet dancing and swinging their arms high above their heads. Can this band do anything wrong? Nope… They can’t! And now a ballad had to appear – after all this is a hard rock album. So get your lighters out and hold them aloft, for ‘If It’s Over’ is a power ballad of epic proportions. The passion, the emotion, the sheer energy of ‘If It’s Over’ are all top-notch. Bringing the album to a close is the hard-rocking final hurrah of ‘Fall To Pieces’ – another heavy-hitting romp of power and pizzazz. Midnite City has delivered one of the year’s biggest surprises…and pleasures!

Overall, ‘Itch You Can’t Scratch’ is a phenomenal slice of hard-rocking, smile-inducing, party anthems – one of the best hard rock releases of the year.


Crawlin’ In The Dirt
Fire Inside
Darkest Before The Dawn
I Don’t Need Another Heartache
Blame It On Your Lovin’
They Only Come Out At Night
Chance Of A Lifetime
It It’s Over
Fall To Pieces

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Pure Steel Records
Category: Album
Country: UK

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire, Metal Gods TV, and Metal-Roos.