Miruthan Unleashes Dark Folklore and Blackened Death Metal with New Single ‘At The Barricades’


Miruthan, the pioneering force in the realm of Dark Folklore and Blackened Death Metal, has today unleashed their latest sonic onslaught with the release of their new single At The Barricades. Accompanied by a gripping lyric video, this release promises to plunge listeners into a vortex of dark, immersive storytelling and blistering musical intensity.

‘At The Barricades’ is not just a song; it’s a visceral experience crafted to evoke raw emotions and plunge the audience into a world of chilling darkness. With this track, Miruthan showcases their prowess in blending menacing melodies, chanty choruses, and a doomy bridge, creating an amalgamation of black metal and punk that is both intense and formidable. The lyrics serve as a gateway into a larger narrative, offering a glimpse into the heart of Miruthan’s creative universe, where comradeship thrives amidst the shadows of evil.

Commenting on the new single, Demigod Nzambis, a pivotal member of the band, shared his thoughts, saying, “I wanted to write a banger, menacing and chanty. I think with At The Barricades, we have all our influences on our sleeve. There are some nasty bass parts in there, chanty choruses, and that doomy bridge. It is black metal meets punk in a dark alley. The lyrics are a part of a bigger story, and this is where Miruthan was forged. We all entered the gates at once and found camaraderie in the face of evil, facing the death of anyone that looked sideways. It’s a deeply intense and formidable death hymn delivered in Miruthan’s way.”

In conjunction with the release of At The Barricades, Miruthan is thrilled to announce the launch of their official website, providing fans with an immersive portal into their dark, enigmatic world. Fans can explore exclusive content, connect with the band, and stay updated on the latest releases and performances by visiting www.miruthan.com.au.

Experience the relentless energy and haunting beauty of Miruthan’s latest offering by streaming ‘At The Barricades’ on all major music platforms today.