Chambers Of Insanity – Morningstar (Album Review)

Chambers Of Insanity - Morningstar

When I saw the Morningstar cover art and logo for the first time, I was afraid that it will be another boring, crappy metalcore album.

When I’ve heard the first song- “Feed The Moon”, my fears about that album grew even bigger. But luckily it was the only bad song on this album.

Well, still there are some metalcore inspirations in the rest of the album (and that’s the main disadvantage of “Morningstar”) but there are also some really good riffs – sometimes fast and thrashy (“Blood Stained Land”) and sometimes with a lot of typical Pantera-groove (“Blacktooth Grin”). To be honest, it’s really hard to say if I like the instrumental work or not – obviously, they’re good musicians from a technical point of view and there are sometimes really good riffs. On the other hand, there are a lot of unnecessary parts or moments that just shouldn’t be on the album (like the first song).

About the vocals, well, they’re a little bit out of place. Alright, they fit the music, but I think, that everything would sound better with a little bit different type of singing.

Luke Cowan has power in his voice, but (again) goes too much into metalcore – I wonder how these songs would sound with a more old-school voice.

One of the biggest advantages of the album is production; everything sounds clean, there is no problem with hearing every single sound. Acoustic parts sound just great and they’re also really nice, Chambers Of Insanity should use even more of them.

To conclude: we’ve got an album which is in fact really hard to describe – in every song, there are great parts along with riffs that are annoying.

A similar situation is with vocals – it sounds good, but I just can’t stop thinking, that it could be way better if the singer would change his style a little. Chambers Of Insanity recorded a good CD and they’ve got potential, but on the other hand – there is still a lot of work awaiting them.

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Release Year: 2013
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewer: Wojtek Michalak