The Horror – The Horror (Album Review)

The Horror - The Horror

Hailing from the red center, or as it is becoming fast known those in the know, mainly to the growing legion of metalheads, the dead center, comes the debut album from the Horror, an original thorn from the Black Wreath record label.

With track names that would easily fit onto any one of the cannibal corpse albums, you cannot mistake this as anything else but death metal, but the Horror is technically proficient in the art of Grind.
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With intricate guitars and matching skills in bass playing, the drumming is flawless, and vocals low guttural befitting of the genre’s best.
Extensive playing and touring with heavyweights including King Parrot and the Black Wreath created Metal festival Blacken the Earth the boys have honed their skills into a fantastic first effort. The skills from the four-piece outfit the Horror-ible people who created this piece of grind are Anthony “Yunt” Smith on vocals, Luke “Muntz” Taylor on guitars, Jo “Nosebleeder” Nobleza on the bass, and Tully “Dozer” Lowson on the drums.

For a grindcore/death metal album, the production is very slick with each of the instruments having their own place in the track with clarity that is balanced. One of the standout tracks that displays this is Untilballsslap, the reason for the high quality of the production is because the Horror boys had one if not the best producers in this style of music to produce the album, the one and only Josh Barohn (one-time bass player of death metal legends Suffocation and Autopsy) sitting beside the master was Nosebleeder Nobleza, which would have been a learning experience well worth the time spent producing the album.

I was lucky enough to ask drummer extraordinaire Tulldozer a few questions about the recording process.

How long did it take to record the album?
A few weeks man, due to technical difficulties. The album was built upon a fuckload of overproof bourbon, beer, cocaine, and weed.

What are the bands you listened to for influence and inspiration?
Influences come from many a year of listening to grind, death, thrash, and black metal.

What was the recording process like for you and the rest of the band?
He recording was a fucking party, the best fun with my mates in the Black Wreath studios. Recorded by the blue printer of death metal Josh Barohn. The album was also recorded in the way it should be done, with no click tracks used in the process, straight up, the way it should be done.
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In conclusion, this debut album from the Horror is a loud experience into Grind with 10 songs totaling 29:01, a few seconds shorter than Slayer, Reign in Blood, grindcore won’t make you popular but as Metalheads, we don’t need to seek the approval of others, we belong to a special brotherhood that only needs the nod of a head from the guy in the back corner wearing a metal t-shirt, to know that we belong together standing in the pit side by side raising the horns up to the sky, not caring for the top 40 mainstream music, because we know metal won’t die. For those who like this style, this is your album. For me personally, I really got into this album straight away, the neighbors didn’t so much but with teenyboppers next door listening to one direction, it was to be expected. As this is my first review for Metal-Roos, I hope I influenced someone to check them out. Well worth the effort.

For more info on the band check them out at or

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Release Year: 2013
Label: The Black Wreath
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham