NECROWRETCH Erupts With The Fires of Hell On New Single “Ksar Al-Kufar”

NECROWRETCH1NECROWRETCH were forged from the blackened and most deathly pits of hell. These putrid French sorcerers recently announced their fifth and fieriest offering with “Numidian Knowledge”, a double-edged blade of riffs and shrieks hot enough to peel flesh.

Today, NECROWRETCH are opening another fiery pit to hell with “Ksar Al-Kufar”. The second single off Swords of Dajjal opens with a gloomy intro before dive-bombing straight into destructive blast beats. Catchy tremolo picking gets plucked out of the sky by the talons of an ancient dark omen. There’s black metal. There’s death metal. And then, there’s NECROWRETCH.

The French band combine the best of both worlds into music made straight from the depths of hell. After setting a merciless pace with Satanic Slavery and The Ones From Hell, NECROWRETCH are back and ready to slice open a devilish new chapter of blistering blasts and piercing riffs with Swords of Dajjal.

Watch their official video here:

Necrowretch cover




1. Ksar Al-Kufar
2. The Fifth Door
3. Dii Mauri
4. Swords of Dajjal
5. Numidian Knowledge
6. Vae Victis
7. Daeva
8. Total Obliteration