NEFARIYM – Morbid Delusions (Album Reviews)

NEFARIYM is a two-piece old school death metal band out of Melbourne, that I believe started out in 2019. They are set to release their debut album titled Morbid Delusions this September 24th via Inverse Records. The album features 11 tracks of pure death metal with a total run time of approximately 43 minutes.

The opening track Veiled In Death is a short intro track of eerie, haunting type sounds that sets the tone of the dark aural experience you are about to witness throughout this release. Succubus then follows, opening straight into stabbing blast beats, that then transitions into a catchy, groove-driven verse, accompanied by beastly, guttural vocals. The guitar tones on this album I think remind me a bit of earlier Bloodbath. Overall the album has an old school death metal sound, and maybe some elements of doom as well. There’s a good mixture of tempo throughout the album to keep you engaged, and they’ve also thrown in a Celtic Frost cover of Circle Of The Tyrants right at the end as well.

Fans of old school death metal should check this guy’s out and give their album a roll, it’s worth the listen. It’s a decent debut, and I look forward to hearing what they put out next. My favourite track off the album would have to be Succubus, that verse riff is fucking cool. A close second would be Delusions Endless Decay. I love those groove-driven riffs in death metal, they have me banging my head every time. Another section that stood out to me was the interlude in Wallow In The Filth, nice! I’d just hoped that had gone a little bit longer, with maybe a solo over it.

1. Veiled In Death
2. Succubus
3. A morbid Delusion
4. Tearing The Flesh From The Bone
5. Wallow In The Filth
6. Monolith Dread
7. Humanity Falls
8. Endless Decay
9. Seeds Of Hates
10. Into The Blackened Abyss
11. Circle of The Tyrants (Celtic Frost cover)

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Inverse Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Chris Long