REPLICANT – Malignant Reality (Album Review)

Prolific US death Metal act Replicant unleash their fifth release!

From the opening moments of Caverns Of Insipid Reflection, two things are immediately clear, 1 this is perfectly executed American death metal, and 2? Well, Replicant are really, really good at it!

Malignant Reality takes all the best elements that are death metal and sharpens them to a point of finely honed execution. The huge headbanging moments are there, the guttural performance of Michael Gonçalves is excellent, the drumming, the intense guitar playing is all here, yet some of this is tempered by some quieter moments before unleashing their next moment of musical hell!

Relinquish The Self and Coerced to Be continues their memorable chugging mayhem that lurches and strikes, Ektoskull is another cracker, yet it is all not one dimensional, the massive The Ubiquity Of Time contains guest violin and takes a step back to add some haunting texture and depth to the passages that are followed by some brutally slow and that fast moment, the manic solo/jam is worth special mention near its conclusion.

Malignant Reality is surprising catchy as it is heavy, it is not trapped in the tropes of the past but pushes the genre and themselves forward with clear brutal intent!

Three and a half deathly roos

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Category: Album
Country: US

Reviewed by Sparky