New World Depression – Descent (Album Review)

German tanks are rolling again. Am I allowed to say that these days?

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Fuckin yes I am …. NEW WORLD DEPRESSION is assaulting us with their 4th full-length old school groovy Death metal masterpiece „Descent“.

Ten new songs and nearly 40 minutes of mid-tempo drum Fire killing field pleasure are blowing your ears off.

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These five guys from Emsdetten Germany know how to honour old school legends like Morgoth, Bolt thrower, Asphyx or obituary and enhance the sound with a fresh touch of their own brutality.

It is so satisfying that bands like NEW WORLD DEPRESSION keeping the old school spirit alive and I can’t wait to see them live.

Death n’ Roll and stay brutal because in battle there is no law!

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Ceremony of Delusion 04:37

Scoff till Death 03:47

Working with Flesh 04:09

Panzer 03:39

Nasha 03:23

Descent to Hell 04:25

Pervetin 02:33

Ritual 03:18

Devil´s Slavery 03:34

Hate.Kill.Repeat 04:51

Total time: 38:16

Release Year: 2020
Category: Album
Country: Germany

Reviewed by motörmate