Reaver: Release Video Broken Smoker From Their Upcoming Split EP The Nobody Crowd

Reaver releases the second single/video Broken Smoker from the upcoming split EP The Nobody Crowd. The EP will be released together with Acrolysis. Get the Single at Bandcamp.

Broken Smoker addresses the topic of cannabis. Reaver’s drummer Phil McDermott says about the song: “Broken Smoker acknowledges the reality of ‘too much of a good thing’. Smoking cannabis can be an awesome way to relax, relieve stress, chill with your mates or even just pass the time, everyone uses it in different ways, but it’s quite easy to get carried away in it’s comfy blanket of a high. It can control you if you let it, like all good things it has a darker side of the coin.” Phil further explains the musical aspects of Broken Smoker: “With a definite Black Sabbath feel to the music coupling with Zac’s gruff, harsh vocals and Danny’s guitar work drifting between the melodic leads and the gritty, riff driven rhythms, a dark and fascinating image is painted in sound”

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The collaborative sophomore EP, The Nobody Crowd, is a ferocious experience featuring expressive, riff driven guitars, blistering speed harsh, vocals and its socially conscious message. It is centred around illustrating both bands’ uniqueness and especial characteristics in not only sound but in composition as well.

The EP also features two songs which were composed together by members of both bands, creating music that excitingly blends their styles together and presents musical ideas that may have not been considered if not for their willingness to experiment and be out of their comfort zones. Acrolysis and Reaver utilise their similar influences and distinct differences to create a record that is sonically a ‘kick in the teeth’ but thematically explores corruption, temptation, cruelty and unity.

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