Night Crowned – Tales (Album Review)

Release Date: November 10th 2023 - Noble Demon

Night Crowned – Tales

Sweden-based blackened death metal masters Night Crowned return with their third full-length offering, the mighty ‘’Tales ‘’ that takes the notion of melodic black metal to new heights.

One Listen to ‘’ She Comes at Night’’ with its traditional elements and surprising female vocals. It’s an infectious merging of melodic black metal that adds the atmosphere and layered vocals as it goes. Never once does it slip into traditional territory. It is exciting and passionately presented so convincingly it is highly addictive. Rousing is only one way to describe some of the excellent guitar work.‘’ Nattramn’’ is littered with great riffs and vitriol.  J. Jaloma’s drumming is unrelenting, giving purpose and precision when ‘’ Loviatar’’ and its expansive riffs envelope you briefly before the intensity returns and then delves into a brooding mid-section, Night Crowned have mastered the art of creating exciting music, the result of which is mesmerizing.

Romlin’s vocals are delivered with a clipped, urgent style that is as refreshing as it is manic. The precision of the guitar and incredible kick work are perfect for the many tempo changes. ‘’ Flickan Som Försvann’ is just one example of a song that moves with such energy and purpose that it is simply blistering. ‘’ Strandvaskarens hymn’ is simply more extreme black metal excellence, that is infernal bleak and dripping in atmosphere. It is simply a brief captivating piece of work that will propel them as greats within the genre. ’’Lupus Luna’ encapsulates them perfectly and their pure metal sensibilities and the ability to delve between moments of beauty and brutality seamlessly and effortlessly.

Night Crowned has delivered an incredible record that is as intense as it is satisfying. It surprises with its twists, turns and devotion to extreme metal. Able to seamlessly merge traditional musical ideas with the bone-crushingly modern, Tales is Highly recommended.

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Noble Demon
Category: Album

Reviewed by Sparky