Swansong – Awakening (Album Review)

Release Date: December 01st 2023 - Noble Demon

Swansong - Awakening

Proudly metal, capturing the essence of eighties and nineties music and giving it that modern metal edge, Finland’s Swansong is the creation of former Up Yours- punk vocalist Jemiina and Verjnuarmu guitarist Topi Pitkänen. The debut album is Awakening and it’s a true metal offering.

Given that melodic death metal is considered the modern-era version of true metal. Swansong conquers it excellently whilst giving it that Maiden twin guitar harmonious attack that is instantly memorable but no less punishing. ‘’ Maiden Of Death’’ has the guitar parts that makes metal truly excellent the riffing is so tight and precise given the clarity of a great recording with soaring twin harmonies. The up-tempo attack propels it forward into something special. Jemiina’s vocals are truly harsh and aggressive that with tracks ‘’Fight or Die’’ draw comparisons to Arch Enemy. Unafraid to Gallop like the masters and let the music breathe in spaces before returning to intense rhythms, the energy to their music and crunch is contagious and memorable. ‘’Blood Widow” is on the more extreme side yet allows the guitar work of Topi Pitkänen and Tuomas Leskinen to truly shine.

The title track is pure modern European metal goodness and represents an album that on repeated listens grows in stature and becomes more memorable and intense with every listen. That solo at the end of  ‘’Awakening’ and track ‘’Fury of the Witch “ is so metal it gives you goosebumps! Being able to seamlessly cross genres and add some subtlety to their attack, “’ Frost of Winter’’ is another multidimensional highlight’,

Swansong has created an album that is as captivating as it is neck-cracking addictive. Celebrating all things metal is a feast for the ears and the senses!

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Noble Demon
Category: Album
Country: Finland

Reviewed by Sparky