NIGHT SHALL DRAPE US Burn the Black Flame on Ashes of Men


NIGHT SHALL DRAPE US came together from corners of the Nordic underground, bound by bonds of blood and spirit, to create traditional black metal executed to perfection. Their third offering from their upcoming debut album calls you to behold the “Ashes of Men”.

“Ashes of Men” heralds the certainty of the end of the world as we know it. The song opens directly into fast-paced drums with an interplay of thrashy riffs before the Lunatic Choir raises unholy hell.

“See the flames rise higher and higher”, they call. “See the oceans dry up and die!”

Harking back to the early ties between thrash and black metal, the persistent layered riffs under the ash-choked coughs of the choir in Ashes of Men allow no peace for this coming of the end times.

This song reinforces each moment with the relentless rolling beat of the drums and the unforgiving thrash-souled riffs, the demented acceptance that all there is left is a future built from dust.

“This is the straightforward, thrashy soundtrack for the end of it all,” NIGHT SHALL DRAPE US shares. “That’s all there is.”

“By this flame, you all shall be purified.”