Nightbound (Paraguay)

Metal-Roos: Welcome to Metal-Roos, Nightbound. It’s great to have you here.

Greetings, Metal-Roos! Thank you for having us and giving us our very first interview.

M-R: Tell us a little bit what Nightbound is? How did this band come into existence?

We are a heavy rock band formed in February 2018. At first, the idea was to play songs from some of our favourite bands, just to have some fun. We met one night to choose the songs in our setlist. But instead, we started to share some riffs and ideas that we had. We soon realized that they sounded really good so on the very first rehearsal we already had the song Nightbound. On the next rehearsal, we added another one and then another one. We were surprised at how naturally the songs came about, one of those “meant to be” scenarios.

M-R: What are Nightbound’s main influences to make music?

All the bands we love, like Thin Lizzy, Saxon, UFO, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Riot, Y&T, Krokus, Nazareth, Budgie… we can go on and on but you get the picture. Everyone in the band also has their preferences, from Pat Benatar to Exciter or from Black Star Riders to Lucifer and that is reflected in the different songs. But in the end, we like to think that we give them the Nightbound spirit.

M-R: Last year you put your homonymous demo to the fans, and this year you re-released it as an EP. How was the reception of Nightbound’s music to all the rock and metal listeners?

The reception was great, mostly good reviews and support from many places around the world. The most amazing thing is that it was like that from the beginning. For the demo tape, we have the support from the labels Analog Overdose Records from Ecuador and Kulto De Medianoche from USA. The tape sold out in a few weeks and soon we got the offer to release the EP via Awakening Records from China. The tape has one exclusive track and the EP version has a new song also exclusive to the EP plus a Deep Purple cover recorded live in the studio.

M-R: Commonly, the metal world is predominantly male, but now the women have more protagonism in it. How does Nightbound feel about it?

We really don’t care about gender. We are here for the good music, that is what really matters. It is great that women are gaining more protagonism as long as they make great songs and kick ass. We just like to stay away as far as possible from all the political and ideological craze that is flooding the music world. Heavy metal is supposed to bring people together regardless of their gender, race or worldviews. We respect each other as human beings and musicians and more importantly, we have the same passion.

M-R: South American metal is known thanks to the bands that came from Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. But Paraguay is not often mentioned along with other countries. They have bands with great potential; what’s your opinion about this topic?

There’s always been a great potential. Now more than ever the bands of Paraguay have the opportunity to make their work known in the international scene. There are many bands doing a really professional and passionate work in every style of metal music.

M-R: What are Nightbound’s plans?

We have many, many new songs and the idea is to start recording the new album very soon. We already have scheduled our first shows outside our country and it looks that we will be playing a lot in 2020. The main plan is to start working on the new album, which will be our first full length. Then maybe a tour or two, we are ready!

M-R: Thanks for the interview, Nightbound. Send greetings to all the readers and tell us your social media to follow the band.

Nightbound: Once again, thank you for having us and thanks to all the readers and supporters of Nightbound to make things happen for us. We really appreciate it!

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Interview Date: 2019-12-18

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez