Necrowretch (France)

Metal-Roos: Greetings, Necrowretch. Welcome to Metal-Roos, it is a great privilege to have a great band with a lot of development with us.

Infernal hails.

M-R: More than ten years on stage are a great achievement for any metal band. How does Necrowretch feel after this milestone?

Well, many things have been done and everything is still to be achieved. We are focusing on the next decade as a brand new chapter of the band. Our new album The Ones From Hell is the kickstart of this new era.

M-R: In all these years you have had a respectable quantity of three demos, three EPs and three albums, all of them with great reviews and positive critics. What makes Necrowretch unique in Extreme Metal?

We always focused on the savagery, the bestiality, the extreme satanic version of the metal. Our aim was, is and will ever be to draw the listener into hell’s fire. Therefore, the music of Necrowretch owns a strange place somewhere between black and death metal.

M-R: Necrowretch completed numerous tours in the last ten years. What was the most shocking experience occurring at a concert for you?

When we did a tour in the Philippines, the organiser warned us that his ritual was to impale a pig head in front of the stage, then cook after the show and feast with the band members… Fortunately, I don’t eat pork.

M-R: You shared stages with a lot of bands. With which band did you do the best concerts in Necrowretch’s career?

I can’t really say, we did plenty of shows with underground demos bands with a huge energy and sincerity as well we shared the stage with huge bands during festivals. We have good memories of shows with Archgoat last year.

M-R: Right now you announced the 4th album release for February 2020. What kind of expectations can you share with the audience?

Pure Satanic Death Metal.

M-R: Any new tours to see Necrowretch soon?

We are working on the schedule of tours and festivals, everything will be announced via social media and Season of Mist and our booking agencies.

M-R: Thanks for this great interview, Necrowretch. Send cheers to the readers and tell us your social media to follow you!

See you in hell.

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Photo credits: Leonor Ananke

Interview Date: 2019-12-20

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez