NÔIDVA streaming ‘Lappish Shatanism’ from upcoming album

purity through fire

In 2020, Nôidva arrived with the full-length Windseller. A then-brand-new entity, the Finns featured members of labelmates Sacrificium Carmen and Riivaus. Although detectably Finnish black metal in sound and style, Nôidva uniquely focused on Laplandish shamanism – and now they return to further flesh out that vision.

Tellingly titled Lappish Shatanism, Nôidva‘s second album bears many of the same traits as its predecessor: a mysticism both magickal and more so folkloric, and a melodicism that stirs the more courageous side of one’s spirit rather than immediate and irrevocable bloodlust. However, despite featuring the same four-piece lineup, Lappish Shatanism heads toward rougher, daresay-rowdier territory – more earth and dirt rather than the atmospheric undercurrents of Windseller – with that rowdiness rendering their folk affectations all the more austere and severe. Still, Nôidva reveal themselves to be astute practitioners of tradition, poignantly imparting a favorably late ’90s aspect in form and feel; whether one wants to qualify it as “pagan” black metal matters not when faced with such stellar quality. Leads prominent but parceled out, Lappish Shatanism is thus a work of undeniable passion – never belabored, but refreshing as it is reverential. The past is still alive across Lapland!

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Watch video here:

purity through fire-Lappish Shatanism

Tracklisting for Nôidva’s Windseller
1. Korpikutsu
2. Fall of the Axis Mundi
3. Natural Oneness
4. Dryads of the Virgin Forest
5. Supranormaali Transsendentaali
6. Hidden Hate of the Northern Shamanism
7. Pohjolan Hymni
8. Lappish Shatanism