purity through fire

NÔIDVA streaming ‘Lappish Shatanism’ from upcoming album

In 2020, Nôidva arrived with the full-length Windseller. A then-brand-new entity, the Finns featured members of labelmates Sacrificium Carmen and Riivaus. Although detectably Finnish black metal in sound and style, Nôidva uniquely focused on Laplandish shamanism – and […]

Mavorim - Ab Amitia Pulsae

Mavorim – Ab Amitia Pulsae (Album Review)

Returning with their fourth full-length release. The utterly uncompromising German outfit Mavorim unleash Ab Amitia Pulsae (“Struck by Loss”) that traverses the extremity of black metal and ambience. Considering the anger and intent that is […]