Black Rheno – Noise Smasher (Album Review)

Black Rheno - Noise Smasher

Sydney based Black Rheno released c on October 25th. This album is the second full-length release by the talented trio. If you have not yet heard of these groovers, grinders and out and out death metal headbangers, then you soon will. Black Rheno is coming for you with a wave of sludge metal. The album begins with the short and fast track titled Dirt. The tone is set early as the band follows with the second and third tracks titled Hollow Connection and Collision.

Throughout this album, the catchy riffs of guitarist Nano are a highlight. There is no dedicated bass guitarist, but there is no need because Nano has all strings covered on the one axe.

The guitar work is phenomenally groovy and heavy throughout and there is no exception on the fourth track Burn. The fifth, six and seventh tracks (Human, Vortex and Smite With Dynamite) maintain the ferocity and might of this album. The drum work of drummer Dougy is particularly impressive on Human.

This album is packed full of great songs, the eighth track appropriately titled Something Fucking Special is one of these great songs. It leaves the listener wishing the song was much longer when it concludes with a display of the vocal diversity of Black Rheno’s frontman Milla. The final three tracks of the album are Crossfire, Mater Chronicle and Maximum Casualties. The tenth track (Mater Chronicle) was my favourite track on the album. Grooving and grinding their way through this song, Black Rheno show that they have evolved their sound since they debuted with ‘Let’s Start a Cult’ in 2016. Black Rheno are now more prepared to experiment with new sounds and build songs that ultimately exemplify how confident this trio is when it comes to writing good music.

This is one of the better Aussie metal albums I have heard in some time and it is probably one of the better metal albums going around (generally).

On Noise Smasher Black Rheno have created an impressive and original sound, a feat that has only occasionally been seen within the Australian metal scene in recent years. This is a good solid album and I would recommend checking these guys out at a show near you. While this album is great, the live performance will be unforgettable.

Release Year: 2019
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Sam Lehmann