NUR NH – Unbroken (EP Review)

Release Date: November 11th 2023 - Independent

Nur NH - Unbroken

Nur NH is a symphonic metal artist based in Australia, releasing two E.P.’s – ‘Real Story’ (2011) and ‘Unbroken’ (2023).

Combining symphonic metal with alternative and Gothic rock leanings, the new E.P. from Indonesian-born Nur NH tells a story – a story of survival, surviving in the shadows and turmoil of domestic violence throughout the last decade. Bravely escaping her circumstances, Nur found healing in sharing her journey through music and wants her E.P. to serve as a beacon of light for anyone else struggling with domestic violence.

Now residing in Australia, Nur is as passionate as she has ever been with regards to her music career, ready to take control and dominate stages with a heavier, darker style of rock. The new E.P. features four songs across eighteen minutes, of which Nur says “it is an emotional journey of music ranging from extreme depression to the joyful feeling of survival”. Inspired by bands such as Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and Nightwish, Nur delivers a commanding message of hope and survival…

…the first song ‘I’m Done With You’ – is fairly obvious as to what the lyrical content is referring to. And as for the music, Nur’s soaring vocals are faultless, floating with the angels above a backdrop of industrial-tinged metal music that hits as hard as the meaning behind the lyrics! A statement of intent for what is to come, ‘I’M Done With You’ doesn’t mince its words, objectives either, portraying defiance in abundance. The four songs on offer are much more than just music, you’ve gotta really listen to the words to understand the messages Nur is singing about – ‘The Dark Is Like A Fire’ strolling along the road to balladry, an incredibly smooth elegance rising high in the air making listeners sway gently from side to side.

Across the E.P.’s first two songs, mixed in with Nur’s amazing voice, there’s a definite, and very strong feeling of torture and pain emanating from the vocals, which is also present for the next two songs. The first of which is the Italian titled ‘Un Vero Amore’ – English translation is “real love”, “true love”, or “a genuine love” – and is the boldest, most majestic offering heard so far. Metal music takes a back seat here, rock balladry taking centre stage with listeners everywhere holding lighters aloft. And let’s be honest, if you were looking at this E.P. hoping for a head-banging, cinematic, symphonic metal orchestration of immense intensity – you’ve got Nur NH all wrong! Totally wrong! Closing ‘Unbroken’ E.P. ‘Goodbye Ciao Ciao’ is very uplifting with a higher tempo, bringing elements of pop rock to the fore to deliver a resounding statement of, I presume, goodbye to the past…

…surviving a torrid time, and now looking forward to a brighter, much happier future. I’m not sure in which musical direction Nur will move next, but one thing is for sure, she’s in control of her life and will do it her own way.

Overall, four hard-hitting, deep and meaningful songs are straight from the heart full of emotion, courage and hope.


I’m Done With You
The Dark Is Like A Fire
Un Vero Amore
Goodbye Ciao Ciao

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Release Year: 2023
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire and Metal-Roos.