Nur NH: Powerful EP ‘Unbroken’ is OUT NOW

Nur NH

Charismatic symphonic metal artist Nur NH has made her triumphant return to a musical career after a treacherous decade surviving in the shadows and turmoil of domestic violence.

Nur bravely escaped her circumstances and found healing in sharing her journey through music and wants her new E.P Unbroken to serve as a beacon of light for anyone else struggling with DV.

Between 2007 and 2013 Nur NH was conquering goals as a musician, releasing an EP via World Media Alliance Label USA, enjoying the rush of performing shows around Europe and Indonesia before the mercilessness of a home life shrouded in hostility pulled her from it all and forced her to disappear into the darkness.

Thankfully, Nur managed to find the courage and tenacity to make an exit plan, and now resides in Sydney, Australia and is as passionate about her music career now than she has ever been.

Through Unbroken, Nur has compiled songs that represent the struggles she’s endured. The emotions portrayed are as raw and as real as you can get, and range from depression, hopelessness and desperation to extreme joy and the celebration of survival after closing the chapter on what was a living nightmare.

As much as Unbroken is a personal narrative that has helped Nur NH heal from her past, it is also a dedication to people across the world who are currently in, or also trying to heal from their own domestic violence situations.

“My music is what is saving me from the physical and mental scars and trauma that I still carry to this day,” Nur states and offers this message: “To all the women in the world who suffer these same experiences, leave, move on and survive! Reach your own happiness and find that feeling of freedom, because you are all that you need to be complete. Show the world you are strong, fearless and Unbroken!”

The singles I’m Done With You and The Dark Is Like A Fire gave us a taste of what to expect from the E.P and have been exceptionally well received by punters and industry professionals alike. Now Nur NH is ready to unleash Unbroken in its entirety on Saturday November 11th – this marks what is only the beginning of the determination and big ambitions of a woman ready to conquer her musical goals and bring hope, inspiration and empowerment to those who join her on this journey.

Nur NH - Unbroken