Nytt Land – Ritual: Blood of the West (EP Review)

Release Date: November 18th 2022 - Napalm Records

The purists may be shocked but the serenity and cinematic feel of the opener ‘’ Dark Country. Ritual’’ is undeniable and it is also pure Nytt Land. This is a reimagining of their previous LP Ritual that is warm welcoming and authentic.

The Duo from Siberia, Russia have merged both eastern and western cultures with a healthy dose of nineteenth-century gothic aesthetic, the solo from the ‘’ The Blues of Ragnarok’’ is desolate and lonely, the soundscapes of a sweeping field tangible and the throat singing remains as prevalent as ever. The combination of eastern folk and western country is inspired and genuine, it is an experiment that is well thought out yet remains impassioned. Each track gives as much devotion as the original compositions, their love for pure blues and country unabashed and it is merged seamlessly with the original folk compositions.

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‘’Dead Man’s Ballad’’ is haunting, the guitar interplay understated and Natalya Pakhalenko’s vocals soar amongst the clouds yet remain grounded, it is hopeful yet almost desperately lonely. ‘’ Blood Of the West’’ is the new transportive instrumental track that conjures rich images whilst ‘’ Song of U-Gra’’ maintains the ritual and the underappreciated male / female vocal combination that is trance-like and serene, the depth and significance as important as ever.

Ritual: Blood of the West is as elegant and as thought-provoking as the original yet not quite long enough, it is an EP that is brief, beautiful and hauntingly striking.

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Ritual: Blood of the West will convert you to the seduction that is Nytt Land and discover a new appreciation for both genres.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Napalm Records
Category: EP
Country: Russia

Reviewed by Sparky