Okilly Dokilly Sydney (Sydney, NSW)

14 February 2020 at The Crowbar

Tonight at Crowbar, Sydney got Reneducated by an all Flanders metal band Okilly Dokilly. Classified as Heavy Nedal, and playing songs from their albums Howdilly Doodilly and Howdilly Twodilly , the gig was pretty Brutalino if you ask me. Head Ned engaged the crowd really well and along with Dread Ned, Stead Ned, Bed Ned and Zed Ned. There were a few green sweaters to be seen on stage and in the mosh as well.
A perfect blend of heavy metal and humour made for such a fun live performance! From playing crowd faves like  Flanderdoodles, When the Comet Gets Here, and Godspeed Little Doodle and of course can’t forget my absolute favourite Vegetables. Highlight was Head Ned down to stripping into a red Lycra bodysuit for Nothing at All, and ending with the very much anticipated White Wine Spritzer and throwing a blow-up doughnut into an excididdly-ited crowd telling us to destroy it was all in all a recipe for all us Flanderinos to have a really good time! I hope all these Stupid Sexy Flanders will come back sooner rather than later!

Dr. Colossus was supporting, formed in 2014 in Melbourne,  and also in the unique metal niche (albeit of sludgy doom metal) songs about The Simpson’s. Yes, that’s right. Simpson’s themed doom metal. It’s already a winning combination, right?! The concept took off and complete with full costumes, definitely set the mood for the nights’ theme. From KISS covers of Detroit Rock City, to the hit Stupid Sexy Flanders and can’t forget the song about “Mr Burns wanting to get with me” ie Excitement, Dr. Colossus is catchy, it’s heavy, and it’s damn flamboyant to the core. I mean, Dr Doom, Dr Love and Dr Skin and Dr Leg fit right in with all of the Flanderinos and this band is definitely one to check out if you haven’t heard of them already!  I’m surprised there was no Disco Stus in the audience quite frankly! 

Line-up: Okilly Dokilly, Dr. Colossus

Reviewer: Candy