Thrash Bandicoot: Release Debut EP Milwaukee Cannibal & Video of Title Track

Australian thrash/death metal band Thrash Bandicoot have just released their debut EP Milwaukee Cannibal on January 6. The title song is a display of “spine-wrenching thrash metal exploring the mentality of Jeffery Dahmer, the Milwaukee Cannibal“, states the band. Milwaukee Cannibal has been produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Matt Clarke (Daemon Foetal
Harvest, Bastardizer, Darker Half). Thrash Bandicoot’s debut EP Milwaukee Cannibal is now available for download on their Bandcamp page.

Video filmed and edited by Warhead Productions.

Thrash Bandicoot are:
Jack Insley-Flowers – Bass
Daniel Lever – Vocals & Guitar
Matt Perkins – Lead Guitar
Tim Worley – Drums


1. Milwaukee Cannibal 03:29    
2. Dissolve 04:16
3. Trapped Society 03:24    
4. Class Warfare 04:15    
5. Scaphism 06:25
Produced,engineered, mixed & mastered by Matt Clarke
Drums recorded at Main Street Studios, Fairy Meadow
Album artwork by Eko Gruffyanto