Omega Throne – There’s No Hatred as Great as Dictator’s Love-Prelude to Empire (EP Review)

Release Date: TBC 2023 - Independent

Omega Throne - There's No Hatred as Great as Dictator's Love-Prelude to Empire

Liverpool (UK) Omega Throne follow up their debut release, In Loving Memory of Humankind, with their new EP, ‘’There’s No Hatred as Great as Dictator’s Love-Prelude to Empire,’’ A massive slab of old school death metal delivered with plenty of vitriol.

Featuring new members Jeff Moffat on guttural vocal duty and Charlotte Rogers on bass, Omega Throne have delivered three new tracks  ( Plus intro), and as “Fear and Elegance” displays with its warlike march, their music is tough and firmly rooted in aggression rather than downright speed, ‘’Cancellation’’ is a jackboot to the throat with its mid-tempo assault and ‘’Drowning In Darkness”  is all madness with audible bass slaps and massive doses unhinged fury. There is plenty of pure blasting with an emphasis on anger and the real world.

Omega Throne excels at their chosen craft of pure ferocious death metal that is influenced by Swedish melody. Whilst it may not contain any surprises, it is huge raw and defiant and worth a listen for any fan of the genre.
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Release Year: 2023
Label: self released
Category: EP
Country: UK

Reviewed by Sparky