Mazz-XT – Only the Quick and the Dead (Album Review)

Mazz-XT - Only the Quick and the Dead

Mazz-XT, or more commonly known as solo project entrepreneur, multi-instrumentalist and classic rock veteran Scott Ginn, has recently released his second album Only the Quick and the Dead which has been rocking the ears of listeners since 22 March 2019.

Embodying the ancestral rock techniques of those who walked the Sunset Strip, Ginn has occupied his latest album with blasts of authentic rock and roll.
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Considering Ginn’s vocals have been doing the rounds since the ’70s, Ginn, uninterruptedly, displays restraint and control through the entire album, demonstrating his vocal ability excellently throughout the entire twelve tracks.

Embracing his blue denim roots and adopting an organic Bon Scott sound, in a Picasso depiction, the likes of Twisted, Long Hard Look at Yourself and Hard ‘n’ Fast are sure to coerce High Voltage flashbacks. Only the Quick and the Dead, similarly to Ginn’s previous album, At the Brink of Eternity, also boasts a protracted album length which, unless you are conditioned to the blaring sounds of classic rock, may appear monotonous and blend the individuality of each song. Notwithstanding, the twelve track album is compiled with a smorgasbord of diverse licks, riffs and tricks bound to entice the palate of the most pernickety melodic consumer. Who said rock and roll are dead?
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If you are searching for a full-throttle, ear-bashing rock and roll album then give Only the Quick and the Dead a turn on the table.

Release Year: 2019
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Cat Louise