Hemina – Night Echoes (Album Review)

Hemina - Night Echoes

It always seems to surprise people when I tell them I’m not much of a drinker. What follows is usually an awkward conversation with me offering feeble reasons as to why it is the case. But here I go with a liquor-based analogy for Hemina’s latest release, Night Echoes.
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The whole album is like a glass of smooth and satisfying Bourbon – as I said above, I don’t drink much, so I’m assuming this is a thing. It’s like a go-to drink that you know will be dependable each time you have it.

Maybe I should have gone with that Maccas analogy – oh well, it’s done now. Hemina’s release showcases some amazing talents. The vocals are extremely accomplished; I’d love to see how they translate live. The guitar-work is fantastic, very reminiscent of 90s ‘guitar music’, and fans of this genre are going to love it. But this is where it gets a little odd – the drum-work, bass and rhythm guitar is, at times, reminiscent of a deathcore band, with the death and core mixed out of it. Seriously though, if you had someone from the deathcore scene mixing this, you’d have a very VERY different record. On that note though, the production is fantastic, extremely clear with no clouding. Again, like smooth bourbon, or a nice shake from Maccas, take whichever analogy one you want; I give up at this point. The flat was an interesting track, something of an 80s power ballad that doesn’t sound out of place, but if you were to listen to that track by itself, you might be forgiven for believing it to be a part of Cinderella’s back catalogue. The question would remain as to how metal this album is. The rhythm is certainly metal and is consistent throughout, but don’t be expecting any epic breakdowns or death growls because you’ll be left disappointed.

There’s certainly nothing negative to be said here, and this is normally where I would say that the album is ‘radio friendly’, but after mistakenly turning on the radio the other day and hearing the onslaught of hip-hop, I may have to eat my words. Suitable for those who would like to drink but don’t have the guts.
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Release Year: 2019
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Liam Frost-Camilleri