Phobetor – Through Deepest Fears and Darkest Minds (Album Review)

Named after the Greek god that is the personification of dreams and nightmares. Phobetor delivers a god almighty crunch groove-laden effort of Blackened Death metal on this their second album.

Taking on their namesake this UK three-piece are serpent-like in the way they coil into your consciousness before striking. Take “Solace in Darkness” with its haunting piano opening that proceeds into a marching, nihilistic journey that features Debora Conserva accusatory vocals delivered with hatred and clarity. “One Last Breath”’ continues this theme and delivers more death metal that is well constructed, thought out, and delivered with utter conviction in their beliefs. The riffs are huge and the drumming precise, this is modern death metal with space given to breathe and allow the music to deliver its grooves before plunging you into its madness.

Through Deepest Fears and Darkest Minds delivers with its intricacies and power, at times it is familiar, yet it doesn’t delve into imitation, ‘’Beneath Black Waters’’ rages with fury and speed, before delivering more of those massive riffs.

Multi-faceted yet extreme Conserva’s voice delivers on all levels lacerating and misanthropic, this is demanding as “As Dreams Decay” proves. Phobetor has given their nightmares life and forms forever evolving, mutating, haunting, and memorable.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Black Jasper Records
Category: Album
Country: UK

Reviewed by Sparky