Pincer+ share frantic new single “Visions Of Angels” ahead of ‘Hunting God Tapes. Vol. 2: Romance’


Perth hardcore outfit Pincer+ share their second single, Visions Of Angels from their long awaited second EP, Hunting God Tapes. Vol 2: Romance’, available on vinyl and out via Greyscale Records on November 24.

Almost one year on from the release of their cult classic debut EP, Hunting God Tapes. Vol 1: Violence, Pincer+ return with the next chapter. Visions Of Angels follows on from leading single Closer To God, sharing a glimpse into the aggressive sonic palette on offer on ‘Vol. 2: Romance’.

Visions Of Angels began as a tale of defeat, but shapeshifted into a beacon of hope for songwriter and producer Josh Ang. “The original demo title for this song was ‘Hellmouth’,” tells Josh. “It came from a place of absolute hopelessness while I was feeling like I was fighting an immovable object – the hellmouth above splintering my spirit, fracturing into me.

“‘Visions Of Angels’ was selected as the final title of this track, as I did not want the cause of my pain to define this song, but instead, gave this song the name of what gave me strength to get through that period of time, my personal vision of angels.”

Pincer’s new collection is produced, written and recorded by Josh Ang, with drum and vocals recorded at Perth’s Sumo Sound Studios (Shangrila, Voyager) with mix and mastering by George Lever of G1 Productions (Loathe, Thornhill, Pridelands).

Ripe with screaming guitars, live recorded drums and potent vocals, both Visions Of Angels and Closer To God welcome listeners back into Pincer’s world of torment and prepare them for the sonic onslaught that is ‘Vol. 2: Romance’.

“Thematically, ‘Romance’ goes back to the roots of it all – the source of the damage on Violence,” tells Josh. “Sonically it’s angry. It’s angry and violent and hurt and it’s thrashed around under my skin for so many years in the making, waiting to be given a mouth to be heard. Personally, Romance is healing. Mistakes I’ve made, personified into something real and tangible as a reminder never to make them again.”

Hunting God Tapes. Vol 1: Violence‘ uncovered the intrinsic human desire to be happy, or at least acknowledged and loved. Spread across five tracks, the debut EP took an in-depth view into love and loss within the scope of someone processing the end of an important relationship.

Since forming last year, Pincer+ have found themselves on stages alongside heavyweight metal acts Kublai Khan (US), Stray From The Path (US), Like Moths To Flames (US), Justice For The Damned, Void Of Vision, In Hearts Wake and more. Pincer+ is Jacson Robb on vocals, Josh Ang and Jordan Burn on guitars, Ben Ferguson on bass and Jack Nelson on drums.

‘Vol 1: Violence’ was to uncover the damage. ‘Vol 2: Romance’ is to heal the wound. Visions Of Angels and Closer To God are streaming now, ‘Hunting God Tapes. Vol.2: Romance‘ will be out Friday November 24 via Greyscale Records.