PistonFist: ‘On The Run’ New Single/New Video Unleashed

Brisbane’s purveyors of ‘Petrol Rock’ are BACK with a new track so smokin’ hot, it’ll leave a trail of thick black smoke spiralling through the air behind it. PistonFist are On The Run with their latest single release which includes a new music video taking us on a visual journey of fast cars, hectic crashes and a performance from the guys to match. It’s high speed, heavy fueled, pedal to the metal PistonFist ‘Petrol Rock’ in its dirtiest form. 

On The Run was recorded and produced at Core Studios with Nik Carpenter and mastered by Paul Blakey of 12th and Vine Post. The band worked together on the track with the music written by former PistonFist lead guitarist, Wazz Collier and lyrics straight from the creative mind of frontman Geoffro O’Leary.

The music video was filmed at Capalaba Wreckers on a sweltering hot Brisbane day from the early hours of the morning and into the darkness of the night. It was created by the legendary Ben Tevisuals of Third Eye Visuals.  Ben has worked with some big names in the heavy rock and metal scene such as Parkway Drive, Thy Art Is Murder, In Hearts Wake, Polaris, Alpha Wolf, Gravemind and many more. 

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