Poltergeist – Feather Of Truth (Album Review)

Poltergeist is the German word for noisy spirit and how aptly does this moniker suit this Swiss Power/Thrash band. Surprisingly this small European country has given the world some of the heaviest music of the last 40 years. Krokus, Coroner, and let’s not forget Celtic Frost, so some really big shoes to fill. And they do this with some surprising results. Recording from 1985 to 1993 under the badge Carrion stopping for a 20-year break in 2013 returning with a new name and new line up.  You would expect some creaky non-match fit results after 20 years but 2016 saw the release of Back to Haunt. It’s been a while since I played that record but on returning to it, I remember how blistering it was and how much I enjoyed its manic pace and attitude. So I set forth unto the world of Swiss metal once more and well I sort of did not recognize the sound that was passing between my stereo speakers.
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The speed is there and the quality of the production cleaned and crisper very unlike the previous outing, which I thought, was mired slightly with a muddy mix. This time the album is more bass-driven and the drum mix snappier. We are not treading any new ground here with the lyrical content. I feel the same about most Euro metal of the Power kind. Sometimes it’s a little too EUROVISION if you know what I mean. They don’t help themselves with titles like Saturday nights alright for Rockin it’s hardly going offend your parents and church groups AND that’s what makes loving this music so much fun.

Musically, it’s a tad average. Yes, it’s got guitar solos dramatic vocals and thumping syncopation but nothing seems to really make me dig back into it to try and work out what they are playing. It’s a little Turbo Lover like wrapped in a blandish metal by numbers blanket. Now all the negatives are put aside I would like to point out that there is a place for this music we cant always put on a record and have a life-changing experience. I have no doubt there are kids out there who this would change the way they think of music and the way they interact with the world but for us jaded Metal heads it takes more then this I’m afraid.

In conclusion, if you enjoy mild Euro Power metal mixed with some light thrash then this is the record for you. I would say go and seek their previous records out and hear a band when they were themselves in love with the music.
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Release Year: 2020
Label: Massacre Records
Category: Album
Country: Switzerland

Reviewed by Tony Evans