Project 34 – Project 34 (Album Review)

Release Date: December 01st 2022 - Independent

Project 34 – Project 34

Project 34 is a completely immersive experience that chronicles the life of man over 19 tracks. Based In Australia, it is a project that involves over 30 musicians and styles from every part of the planet.

From the power and horror of ‘’Words’’, the dissonance of ‘’Memorial Vale’ ’and its classical vision, the beauty of ‘’Reflect’’, the chaos of ‘’Emit ‘’with its blast beats and post Black Metal darkness, to the glorious uplifting solo of ‘’Ebony’’, Project 34 is an experience unlike no other, a journey that you will connect with as you travail the perils and triumphs of humankind’s powerful yet fragile existence. As real as emotions and yet as intangible as trying to label them.

Releases simply do not get more stunning than this. Project 34 will consume you, the haunting subtlety of Prayer with its strings versus whispered horrors of heartache and despair, the primal urge that is ‘’Heritage” and its undeniable heaviness. Some of the passages are brief moments in time, such as “Sunrise” and “Sunset”, that offer a glimmer of light against the Juggernaut that is ‘’Regret.

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Project 34 takes ideas of genres and labels and shatters them. Try not to describe it rather, experience it and let it devour you with its compelling imagination and innovation.

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The musicianship is aplomb, and beyond reproach, and at four years in the making, the result is stunning in its cohesiveness and vision.

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Not a moment is wasted or self-indulgent. It’s emotional (Re-unite), purposeful (Walking) and adventurous (Cryptic). Mature and yet at times deliberately irrational, you will be left speechless by the fearlessness, determination, and ability to surprise of not an album but an essential work of musical art.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: self-released

Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Sparky