Veliu Namai – Alkai (Album Review)

Release Date: January 20th 2023 - NORDVIS

Veliu Namai – Alkai

Led by Julius Mite, Veliu Namai invites you to experience the Baltics’ mystical world- to feel its ancient past’s sacredness. Alkai represents the tapestry and musical emotions woven into a ritualistic tapestry of dark folk, cold wave and electronica.

From the opening of “Aftensinn” (“Evening Mood”) this Lithuanian act have on this their fourth album has presented an introspective, reflective piece of work that takes the cold dance-like patterns and seamlessly merges them with the ancient vocals rhythms, Veliu Namai uses the electronica to replicate the primal percussion and create a dream-inducing effect. The warm vocals (Including a guest appearance by Liucija Nanartaviciute) are the juxtaposition to technology.

Cinematic in scope and redefining folk (perhaps updating it into the digital age?
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)  The double bass and elements of extreme appear on “Nótt” (“The Night”), yet the primary effect of Alkai is a hypnotic trance-like singular piece broken into chapters. The beautiful melodies are made from guitars, lutes, and ethnic string instruments (the Turkish baglama). Yet, the keyboards are also prominent, adding texture to the enigmatic piece, ’’ Invocation of the Nine-Horned God’’. ‘’ Vilkobelle’’ induces a suspended vision-like state with its ritual and ethereal keys, whilst’’ The Plateau’’ is a more updated techno-inspired work with otherworldly chant-like vocals.
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The effect is a minimalistic primal evocation that uses hard techno to assist in the ceremony.

Celebrating the summer solstice and yet also embracing solitude and the lingering spectre of mortality, what may appear polarising becomes more natural the deeper you explore and enjoy. Alkaiis is a unique journey through the soundscapes of time and tradition, utilising both the original and modern to create moods that leave an indelible impression on the listener.

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Release Year: 2023
Category: Album
Country: Lithuanian

Reviewed by Sparky