RAVENCLAW: Releasing a live album – VITAM VIVERE , with special guest on lead vocals Kai Hansen

The album was recorded at concerts, tour with special guest on lead vocals – Kai Hansen (Helloween, Gamma Ray). It was 2017 and the concerts were still in full swing. It was recorded on a multitrack, so every single track that went from the speakers to the audience passed through a digital recording device. The band Ravenclaw pulled out recordings at a time when live concerts are very rare. The result is VITAM VIVERE – a live album with a total of 11 songs, 4 of which mention a special guest.

As the album will be released on January 1st 2022, it will be the first news Ravenclaw will bring on the occasion of the band’s 20th anniversary. The booklet of the album is therefore filled with various rare photographs that capture the memories of the “twenties generation” on several pages.

But… Christmas is approaching and RAVENCLAW is offering fans the opportunity to get to the physical album before Christmas, to give gifts, and make themselves and their loved ones happy now. The interesting thing is, that every CD ordered before Christmas will be signed by band members and guests. The album is released on a classic physical CD with a booklet, but also in digital form in more than 250 online stores worldwide. It is possible to contact RAVENCLAW via social networks or their official website www.ravenclaw.sk