Ravenscry (Italy)

Metal-Roos: Welcome to Metal-Roos, Ravenscry. It’s an honor to have you here.

Ravenscry: Thank you! The honor is ours.

MR: More than ten years rocking the metal stage worldwide, tell us about it.

Ravenscry: Well, it doesn’t seem that more than ten years have passed! We did many things during these years, we all made sacrifices in order to let us do what we love. It has been possible because of our passion for music and our common will to communicate through it. Some experiences we lived are something that we dreamt about when we were young. Writing an album, playing our songs on stages around Europe, touring with bands we used to listen and so on. It’s been an amazing adventure, but the best part of it is that we keep going and we’ll continue to make our music in the future.

MR: A few weeks ago the single Maybe” was released followed by The Entertainer from the upcoming album 100. How’s Ravenscry prepared for this new album?

Ravenscry: After the tours we made in 2018, we were looking forward to close ourselves in the studio, our “home”, and write new stuff. We started listening to everyone’s ideas, because every time we come up with many riffs, melodies, drums sections, vocals, and this is a great thing. An interesting fact is that every time, for each album, the composing process has been different. Sometimes we just improvise on riffs and see what happens, sometimes we start from the story we wanna tell – like we did for “The Invisible”; in this case, we thought about what kind of sound and direction we wanted to take, and we composed with this in mind from the beginning.

MR: Speaking about the upcoming album, what can you tell the fans about it?

Ravenscry: We think it came out as a natural and spontaneous mix between “old” Ravenscry style and new ideas. Listening to “100” you will perceive a bit of each of our previous albums: heavy modern 7/8 strings riffs, instrumental sections, synths, kind melodies… We wanted all of these typical Ravenscry elements, mixed in a very direct, even more melodic and “straight to the point” way. 

MR: Is it correct that this new album is the first one with Federico Schiavoni in the band? How did the album recording with him go?

Ravenscry: Yes, you’re right! Federico has become part of the family very quickly and easily. He brought fresh and modern ideas, it was like he has been with us for years, so the composing and recording process with him have gone very well.

MR: In all these years you shared the stage with many big bands, what are your most exciting experience onstage?

Ravenscry: We can write many pages about this topic. It was an honor sharing the stage with such big bands, Angra, Operation: Mindcrime, Queensrÿche, Kobra And The Lotus… Besides the stage moments, we all bring in our hearts what we experienced in the “tour life” and friends we made around Europe, starting from band guys. There was a genuine bond and a sort of “brotherhood” between us, an authentic bond that still goes on today.

MR: Italy is well-known in Metal World, some great bands are from there. You are part of their great history, what can you tell us about that?

Ravenscry: Thank you for including us! It’s true, we had and have many great bands, bands that built their success with the sweat in dirty rehearsal rooms, bands with a dream and the grit to “fight” and let their voice spread in the world. Other very good bands and musicians would deserve much more of what they have now. Italy has always been a forge of talents, not only in music. And it’s impressive because we live in a pretty much little country, but with a great and legendary history and culture behind.

MR: How do you see Ravenscry in 10 or 20 years?

Ravenscry: We certainly see ourselves with our instruments on stage and in the studio, playing and composing our music, just because it is what we are and what we love, and we want to share it with as many people as we can.

MR: Any good vibes for your metal fans in these times with being Italy brutally affected due to COVID-19?

Ravenscry: Sure… Stay strong, improve yourselves, and do what makes you happy! We will be back and we will be rocking more than ever! We are fighting to get back and we will, you can count on that.

MR: Thanks, Ravenscry, it was a pleasure to interview you. Please share your social media so we can follow your career.

Ravenscry: Thanks guys, it was a pleasure for us too!


Interview Date: 2020-04-29

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez