Raw by Inslain

Anyone who is of the opinion that Metallica’s last decent album was "…And justice for all" is going to love this EP by Inlain. The vocals especially sound very Hetfield-esque while the rhythm guitar work has a definite touch of Mustaine style riffage. There’s only 4 tracks on this EP which has running time of around 14 minutes and might leave you asking "is that it?" at the end of it, if you like what you hear.

When listening to this release I don’t feel like I’m hearing anything that has not been done before and probably been done better. I get the impression that Insalin are perhaps leaning a bit too heavily on their influences which leaves the songs sounding like a mash up of their favourite Metallica & Megadeth riffs lifted from the albums these bands put out in the 80’s. At the end of the 4 tracks I’m left thinking I have just heard songs that didn’t make the cut for these albums and that Insalin need to find their own sound. If you want to hear some "Classic Metal" from a local band put this EP on & crank it up!

Release Year: 2013
Country: Australia

Reviewer: Chris Xynos

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