Rome - Rome

Rome – Rome (Album Review)

For the uninitiated of you playing along at home, this is the debut album from up-and-coming Gold Coast titans ROME. Featuring former members of late 90’s technical metal giants “Devolved” and Techno/Death merchants. “The Berzerker” […]

Fenrir - Fenrir

Fenrir – Fenrir (EP Review)

Fenrir and their album of power/battle metal focusing on Norse Mythology. The album starts with military-style booming drums and sets the tone for a rather dramatic and epic-sounding release. There is the traditional power/speed metal […]

No Picture

Bangers And Thrash (Sydney, NSW)

7 September 2013 at Valve at AgincourtMetal Thrashing Productions first festival in the dark caves of the freshly established Valve Underground in Central's Agincourt Hotel was opened by some bluesy groovy metal – Blacksmith. They […]