Naberus – Reveries (Album Review)

Based out of Melbourne, Naberus is a four-piece melodic thrashcore outfit who have graced us in the past with EPs 2009s ‘Ruins of Society’ and 2011s ‘The Fallen’, have dropped us a huge one with this debut album ‘Reveries’, whipping us with 40 minutes of in ya face shit!

Making this noise machine are members James Ash (Vocals/Guitar), Dan Ralph (Guitar), Jordon Mitchell (Bass) and Chris Sheppard on the drums, the extensive touring and gigging including Sonic Forge and Atmosphere Festivals have cemented the mould that makes this band a well-oiled machine, although not unique in there genre, it still makes them one of the better merchants of this style in Australia. James Ash pulls off one hell of a display of musicianship, playing intricate multi-layered guitar techniques along with Dan Ralph, plus throwing in the vocals, combining a mixture of death, thrash and melodic styles, this dude has some major talent. The rhythm section is always the glue to any band and these guys don’t disappoint, pounding us with a heavy mixture of bass and drums and you would expect, in parts sounding like a mixture of Soilwork and Soulfly, yippee I say!
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Overall ‘Reveries’ gives you a taste of a talented outfit that will improve as the releases come, I said earlier in this review that they don’t bring a lot of material in this album that has you thinking ‘man I haven’t heard that before, but that comes with the territory when you play in a genre that is completely over flooded with bands playing an almost exact style. But after listening to this album there is something about Naberus that gives me a tingle down the spine that other artists don’t do in the recent melodic thrash releases, they have the talent to pull off something special and I’m sure they will.
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But don’t let this grumpy old man turn you away from one hell of a debut

Album from these Victorians, as I’m sure fans will love this, and new fans will be rolling their jeans up ready to jump on their bandwagon, they’re a young band so expect big things and headlining tours in the near future, good luck boys!

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Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Hayden G.M.