Splendour in the Grass (Byron Bay, QLD)

28 July 2013 at Byron Bay Shire

Marshall speakers stacked to the rafters, bludgoening sounds of heavy riffed metal, the whaling of a demented frontman and bodies of contorted punters left in their wake.  All set the scene for the last big gig AIRBOURNE will play in Australia before setting off on their world tour (starting 8 Aug in Canada).  This gig though was at one of Australia's largest open air festivals, Splendour in the Grass and whether you are a hard core devoted fan or just there to check out what's different, the boys from Warnambool, Victoria left a beautiful trail of destruction with the crowd and yours truly gasping for air and needing a chiropractor.

From the moment they set foot on stage to the last drum beat AIRBOURNE banged their heads, rolled around the stage, flung their sweat drenched bodies into the crowd and gave it their absolute all, in the name Metal ……….. and honestly just to have a good rocking time.  Although the crowd wasn't big, which could be put down to the Big Top tent being surrounded by a mote of mud, they all left knowing they'd seen something special.  Smiles a plenty from those that saw the funny side of things, a breath of fresh air for those entrenched in the metal torment ……. it was a gig for everyone.  

It can be said for many acts that a no nonsense brand of good consistent and hearty rock n roll is usually what gets them to the top.  In the case of AIRBOURNE, that plus a heavy dose of spoof mockery, skulling of shiraz, crushing of beer cans on the head and Judas Priest/Iron Maiden-esk harmony guitar solo's may just be enough send this local act to the stars.  

I for one will be back for more.

Line-up: Airbourne

Reviewer: Eugene Crabtree