Rise Against share video for ‘Last Man Standing’ from new EP ‘Nowhere Generation II’

Rise Against
Photo Credit: Nedda Afsari

Celebrating the one year anniversary of their chart-topping, critically acclaimed ninth album Nowhere Generation, Rise Against last week returned with the surprise release of a new EP, Nowhere Generation II, via Loma Vista Recordings. The five song collection — written and recorded alongside Nowhere Generation and featuring production by Bill Stevenson (The Descendents, Black Flag) — is out digitally worldwide now alongside the premiere of a new, Ryan Valdez-directed video for its propulsive lead single Last Man Standing.

“Last Man Standing was a way of expressing some frustration with our world in regards to exploitation, public alienation and human inequality,” explains Valdez. “As you see in the video, we are fed through this race of survival. Only to be taken down, regardless of our success or efforts. Almost as if the game was rigged, designed to set us up for failure.”

The triumphantly rousing Last Man Standing picks up the lyrical baton of Nowhere Generation’s Talking To Ourselves with a full-throated reminder of what could happen if those in power continue to ignore the voice of the people. “I think of Rise Against as dystopian art,” says frontman Tim McIlrath. “Like any good dystopian art endeavor, you’re singing about the world and what it might be like if we keep going down the road we’re going down. It’s the inevitable conclusion of what would happen if we keep making the same decisions. That’s what dystopian art is designed to do, to make you realize that and inspire you to make some changes. ‘Last Man Standing’ is looking down that road and trying to paint a picture of what it looks like.” McIlrath delivers each line with impassioned fury, all carried on the back of big riffs, thunderous drums, and hook-laden guitar leads from guitarist Zach Blair, bassist Joe Principe, and drummer Brandon Barnes.

The physical editions of Nowhere Generation II, due out on cassette on July 15th and on vinyl on October 28th (featuring a red cover art variant), will be available for pre-order on June 10th; stream the EP at all DSPs now here.