Rizon – Prime Time (Album Review)

Release Date: March 12th 2022 - Pure Steel Records

Rizon is a melodic rock/metal band from Switzerland formed in 1997, releasing five albums – ‘Evolution’ (2005), ‘Sudden Life’ (2008), ‘Masquerade’ (2012), ‘Power Plant’ (2016), and ‘Prime Time’, released in 2022.

Rizon‘s duel male and female vocal attack, led by Matthias Gotz and new singer Anastasia Panagiotou, is in fucking overdrive! The contrast between the two adds a dynamic edge to the band’s sound, yet also compliments each other.
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At times you just don’t know who to sing along with! The band’s new album clocks in just shy of an hour in length, featuring twelve songs of heavy-hitting melodic power metal – leaving the rock tinges of ‘Power Plant’ far behind. ‘Prime Time’ explodes into life with the heavy-hitting ‘Truth Or Consequences’, hammering everything in sight with mighty melodic blows. The infectious and catchy nature of ‘Truth Or Consequences’ is sky high, the band, back doing what they do best – and doing it even better! ‘Rebel Heart’ maintains the melodic hammering, introducing one of the catchiest choruses you’re ever likely to hear – and a crowd-pleaser for sure. With a much mellower feel than either of the two previous songs, ‘Torn’ glides into sight, before breaking out with a slight progressive feel, hitting hard and kicking harder. The dual vocal attack is mesmerizing, with both vocalists sounding great.

I’m guessing the band’s mantra is just to “fucking rock it”, and one helluva job they’re doing too – ‘Fuckin’ Rock It’ a seemingly rabble-rousing call to arms anthemic styled gallop. And I for one am gonna get behind the band and fucking rock it, for ‘Fuckin’ Rock It’ is the most up-tempo and energetic romp on the album so far. And with the line “push through the pain, never say die, this is the spirit, you’ll fucking rock it’, I truly believe we will all “fucking rock it”! Entering ballad territory, ‘Time Till Kingdom Come’ floats in over a mellow and serene background, with soulful vocals from both singers. A definite lighters in the air and sway from side to side moment. And cor blimey mate! The jackhammering heaviness as ‘Save My Soul’ comes to life is bone-crushing! Melded with the band’s melodic metal roots, this newfound heaviness is startling but definitely welcome. As a die-hard metalhead, the heavier the better as far as I’m concerned. Yet, across the chorus break ‘Save My Soul’ changes flavor to become a catchy and fairly happy singalong.

And whoa – a kind of groove metal heaviness comes to the fore as ‘Love Your Life’ swaggers in and majestically foot stomps forward. And incredibly, the band’s melodic roots rise to the surface for the chorus – a highly infectious and “all together” sing along.
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Rizon appears to be a master of the melodic choruses, giving their listeners, fans, and fanatics a cracking opportunity to participate in the band’s journey. Bringing a touch of Southern rock to the album, ‘High Noon’ is a bluesy swagger of sawdust-covered dance floors and beer bottles on tables. One hundred percent addictive and attractive, ‘High Noon’ is a definite crowd-pleaser. And to be fair – every song has been a crowd-pleaser. And with four left to go, I reckon that’s four more too! ‘In The End’ picks up the tempo and trots on with aplomb, full of punch and just a slight hint of the groove metal feel of earlier.

Blazing into sight, ‘Back To The Game’ takes over the role as the fastest song on offer, galloping forth with a traditional “foot on the monitor” feel. This one is gonna send the mosh pits crazy, with every metalhead welcoming the opportunity for some proper headbanging. Oh, the sound of heavy metal power comes pouring out of the speakers, as ‘Through The Fire’ attacks the airways with a newfound heaviness. This kind of heavy metal power first came to the fore, four decades ago by legends Judas Priest, and right here, right now, Rizon is emulating the British metallers. The album is brought to a close with the pulsating ‘Heaven’s Gate’, portraying an incredibly uplifting nature. The energy level is off the scale, Rizon ending their new album as it began – in a highly infectious manner.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable romp of melodic power metal with a highly infectious and catchy nature.


Truth Or Consequences
Rebel Heart
Fuckin’ Rock It
Time Till Kingdom Come
Save My Soul
Love Your Life
High Noon
In The End
Back To The Game
Through The Fire
Heaven’s Gate

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Pure Steel Records
Category: Album
Country: Switzerland

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire, and Metal-Roos.