Septicflesh release lyric video for new single ‘A Desert Throne’


Symphonic death metal maestros SEPTICFLESH have revealed a striking lyric video, accompanying their magnificent new single ‘A Desert Throne‘. Depicting a desolate, desert wasteland, completely void of humanity as we know it – one hopes that the end of times are a farfetched, distant future…

SEPTICFLESH’s forthcoming studio record ‘Modern Primitive‘ will be released on 20th May 2022. Pre-order it via various formats and stream the new single now at:

The band commented: “This is a more epic song with dominant dramatic melodies. Will mankind be leaving behind a barren Earth as its legacy? A desert planet like Mars? For the visualization of the song, a small animation sequence was created by Cloud Factory and was “dressed” appropriately with the lyrics of the song. Enjoy!”



Scepticflesh - Modern Primitive