SepticFlesh – Modern Primitive (Album Review)

Release Date: May 20th 2022 - Nuclear Blast Records

SepticFlesh – Modern Primitive

Greek Titans SepticFlesh do not just release albums. They create magnum Opus’ that are dense multi-layered offerings of supreme heaviness that are well thought out and rich in mythology and thought.

Modern Primitive is a glorious offering of darkened death metal tempered by the orchestra and choir, yet it is concise, direct, and leaves their fury untempered. One listen to the masterpiece that is “Neuromancer” will convince you of their musical prowess. A song that is immediate, yet rich in texture, its approach cinematic yet the rhythms are so thick and heavy, grounding it, delivering maximum impact.

From the opening moments of the traditional influenced “The Collector” to the epic mid-paced finale that is “A Dreadful Muse” none of the 38 minutes is spent in self-indulgence. The strings on “A Desert throne “elevate the great riffs to another level that is augmented by a fantastic production where the immediacy is also reflected by the subtle vocal lines and the clean vocals of Sotiris Vayenas that are yet another highlight.

SepticFlesh has merged death metal and orchestration so seamlessly that their cacophony would be lost if one element is missing yet Modern Primitive is one of the heaviest albums you will hear. Ever.

Dramatic, cinematic, and rich in emotion and passion SepticFlesh have no peer except themselves. They continue to push the boundaries of extreme music that is heartfelt and strong, muscular in delivery. Modern Primitive is a defining statement of their ethos, proof that death metal is more vital than ever, heavy, symphonic, and quite possibly album of the year. An unmissable masterpiece.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Category: Album
Country: Greek

Reviewed by Sparky