SHAKE THE TEMPLE: Announce New Music Video The Devil’s Approach

Shake The Temple

Hot on the heels of their debut album, Australia’s Shake The Temple has announced the release of their second music video for their latest track ‘The Devil’s Approach’.

A colossal production filmed in a secret location; this music video is something to behold.

A cinematic, movie-like setting in a maze of giant timber pillars- the video conjures up memories of 70’s horror and vintage metal that reflects on the nature of this new band.

Bringing such theatre so rarely seen in music videos these days, it is a credit to the trio that they can break the norms for a band hailing from a usually restrained local rock scene.

According to lead singer John Joseph, the production was originally a pipe dream.

“I wanted to capture the origins of the song and I knew it was going to be a big effort, so I started with a storyboard, then shared it with our video director, and incredibly he had the balls to take it on!”, laughed Joseph.

Showing you do not need a Hollywood budget to pull off a cinematic feat, SHAKE THE TEMPLE’s sheer determination, vision and creativity is on full display.

From the ‘Stranger Things’ teenage victim to the evil-eyed villain, The Devil’s Approach music video commands attention right to the very end. Incredibly well filmed and edited, supported by a powerful live performance by the band – It is a video release not to be missed.

Order the new album here:

Shake The Temple artwork


1. Huntsman
2. The Devil’s Approach
3. If You And I Could Make It
4. Precious Lover
5. Who I Am
6. Late Indicator
7. Martini
8. Driven
9. Fist Of Love

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