Shake the Temple release new music video for ‘Late Indicator’

Shake The Temple

Coming hot off the tracks of their first music video release and their self-titled, debut album launch in January- Shake the Temple has just released a new music video for their track ‘Late Indicator‘.

Always having a strong emphasis on telling a story and putting incredible attention to detail and care into their music videos, it is no doubt that ‘Late Indicator’ is going to be one music video you do not want to miss. Taking advantage of a striped back Australian landscape, the single, while seemingly also stripped back musically is not a ballad.

“I find it amusing that as soon as a rock or metal band plays anything with an acoustic guitar or a brass instrument, that it immediately gets pigeonholed into being a ballad,” the bands lead singer John Joseph states. “The lyrics on this one are much more profound and it’s certainly not a love song.”

The music video is set to take an audience on a journey of sweeping plains and soaring visuals- giving listeners a visual metaphor of the diverse sounds that Shake the Temple are bringing to the table. Order the new album here:



Shake The Temple