Shatterface: To Release EP “Anodize”


Digital death metal trio Shatterface have emerged from the metal scene of Sydney, Australia, with their sights set on conquering the “audio wasteland”.

Bringing forth a combination of old-school influences while embracing the technology of the present, this three-piece juggernaut is marching into the scene with big ambitions and a tonne of musical power.

Shatterface is unleashing its debut E.P. Anodize on November 22, 2023.

A teaser video featuring the upcoming single, Eternal Nothing, is available on YouTube now, offering a taste of what’s to come.

Anodize is an industrial-fuelled nightmare packed with effects and distortion that run rampant throughout. The E.P. embodies themes directly inspired by the life experiences of Shatterface’s members, Rob, Tim and James: experiences of good, bad and ugly. Some of these include private battles that have, until now, been unspoken of. Anodize balances individual personal dissent and torments and is a blend of metaphors characterising the expression of some deep-seated agonies, colouring them with a background of a dark world inspired by popular sci-fi and movie culture. This leaves the listener wondering how much of Adonize is fantasy and how much is reality.

Shatterface vocalist Rob, says of the E.P, “Anodize might not be what you’d expect from the current local scene, but this is what we wanted to express. We did it, and we are proud of it.”

Anodize is self-produced by Shatterface; composed, recorded and mastered by the band using their own equipment with little to no outside assistance or support.

Shatterface wanted to package the themes of Adonize under a modern-sounding, industrial-inspired, fast-paced heavy metal collation. They aimed to create an E.P. which holds its own right until the end, whilst showcasing an entire spectrum, where tempos drop, and more subtle, brooding emotions can be demonstrated.

The title of the E.P. was carefully chosen to represent what Shatterface was hoping to design.

Guitarist, Tim, says, “Anodize is the perfect title for this. We are taking something that was already metal and changing it, coating it in something new and making it even shinier and harder than it was before.”

Anodize is to be released across all platforms on November 22, 2023

Shatterface - Anodized

Tracklist – Anodize 

Bitter Days
Eternal Nothing
Devoid of Life
Sand and Blood

Tracks written, recorded and Performed by Tim Goss, Robert King & James Walker